When you need expert researchers, leave the searching to UXr.work

Researchers on our platform are experts located throughout the U.S. Our Talent Scouts invite researchers who they have worked with and know to be excellent practitioners. If they don’t already know them well, candidates are thoroughly vetted by our research experts before being invited to the platform. From this pool we select the best researcher for your needs, so you have an expert when your work demands one.

Each month we feature 3-5 researchers from our talent pool who have exceptional backgrounds and are available for local or remote contract assignments. If you would like to receive an email with our featured researchers, subscribe below.

Contract Researchers

(Onsite, W-2 Employees)

Do you need a capable researcher to help run studies, review session recordings, or tabulate data?

If you prefer researchers who work onsite, they are considered employees working under your supervision. We handle payroll, benefits, insurance, and pay employer taxes which require a higher markup.

Self-employed Researchers

(Offsite, 1099 Independent Contractors)

Do you need a consultant who can design a survey, questionnaire, or a study?

Self-employed researchers usually work remotely, but can come onsite when required.

They are independent contractors who are not paid overtime or benefits, and have the lowest markup. They prefer the freedom of working remotely.

When Researchers get what they want, you get excellent work!

We understand UX researchers. They enjoy working with well-known brands, popular products, new innovations, or projects that promote social good. Many prefer longer-term contracts that allow them to dig deeper and do their best work. They appreciate the flexibility to work offsite when possible. For some, the security of W-2 employment and benefits are important.

We’ve built a platform that delivers what researchers want. When their expertise is understood and well-matched to good research projects, and when they are offered flexibility and are treated fairly, they do their best work. By designing our platform to meet their needs, we’re ensuring your needs are met with the highest quality research.

We offer UX researchers of all skill levels at a low markup and enable you to hire remotely for onsite or offsite work.

Expensive and Outdated.

Traditional staffing agencies suddenly seem antiquated. Their model of face-to-face meetings with staff in physical offices in dozens of cities is expensive, and those costs are passed on to you. Additionally, they rely upon talent in the local market and may not have access to experts in tech hubs around the country.

ux.work gives you access to expert researchers from all over the U.S. and Canada.

Top talent is not drawn to low-level piecemeal work.

Freelancer marketplaces have cropped up to help employers find talent quickly, remotely, and at low cost. For small, fixed-bid projects like a logo or brochure, these seem to fill the need. However, these marketplaces fall short when the need is critical such as researching a new product before release, because top talent is not drawn to low-level piecemeal work. Additionally, it is very time consuming to sift through applicants from all over the world and frustrating to try to find a match without knowing them.

ux.work knows our researchers and finds the best match for you.