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Handbook of Usability Testing, 2nd ed., Rubin and Chisnell
Interviewing Users, Portigal
Measuring the User Experience, 2nd ed., Tullis and Albert
Mixed Methods: A Short Guide to Applied Mixed Methods, Sam Ladner
The Non-Designer’s Design Book, 4th ed., Williams
The UX Careers Handbook, Cory Lebson
Universal Methods of Design, Martin and Hanington

User Testing Opportunities – pays $10 for “think out loud” tests, $30-60 for live interviews – pays $5 for cardsorts, $8 for “think out loud” tests (referral link) – pays a variety of amounts depending on project – short click tests that require 1-2 minutes, but usually pay $0.20 to $1.60 (referral link) (referral link)

You can also sign up for Google’s user research panel:
(previous list from Helen Lin on [design-user-research])