The Guild’s Goal for 2024 Is to Do More Good!

As a community of over 2,000 researchers, consultants, and strategists, we have a lot to offer one another and our partners. New for 2024, the Guild is organizing job search councils and volunteer research opportunities.

Get Involved with the Guild

Join Us – You will be stronger with us, and we will be stronger with you. We offer education, connection, support, and opportunities to do good. If you’re ready to get involved, join our community with the link below, otherwise, feel free to attend events ( to learn and engage.

Job Search Councils – The Guild is organizing job search councils for those who want support in their job search and career. We are following the principles and plan in Never Search Alone by Phyl Terry.

For Good Initiative – Also new for 2024, the Guild is organizing volunteer research opportunities for small teams of researchers and leaders. Our expertise can bring much-needed direction to start-ups, non-profits, and other promising organizations.

Guild Ambassadors – The Guild is looking for companies to hire our researchers and we would appreciate your help. Ambassadors introduce the Guild to a hiring managers in their networks, and are paid a percentage of the revenue they generate.

Social Media Volunteers – The Guild needs volunteers to help us spread the word about our programs and events. If you are willing to “like, comment, and share” Guild posts or contribute in other ways, we welcome your involvement.

Use the Get Involved button to join a job search council, volunteer to research, be a Guild Ambassador or social media volunteer, and join our community.

Education – The Guild provides regular opportunities for learning with and from other researchers. Attend one of our Guild Groups to learn and discuss current issues with researchers and experts from around the country. It is a fun way to stay current with the topics of interest to you.

Research Contracts– We place contract researchers with companies that utilize the Guild for placement services. At this point in time, we have more researchers than work opportunities, but you are still welcome to apply. Applicants must live and be authorized to work in the U.S. or Canada and have a minimum of three years of UX research work experience.

Engagement – The Guild is a place to connect with other researchers in Guild Groups over Zoom, in building your LinkedIn network, in a job search council, or in collaborating to conduct voluntary research. Follow the Guild on LinkedIn.