Usability Testing Services
for Websites, Mobile Apps, and Products

Remote Moderated or Unmoderated Usability Testing

What is the quickest way to take a product from good to great? Often it is usability testing. User testing sessions can quickly identify problems, deficiencies, and opportunities. This research data is the most reliable guide for product development.

The Guild has developed usability testing services for websites, mobile apps, products, services, devices, and prototypes. The cost depends on the experience level of the researcher, the number of research participants, and additional factors listed below.

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Usability Testing Service Deliverables:
Research Plan
Participant Screener
Moderation Guide for Moderated Sessions
Test Set-up for Unmoderated Sessions
Conduct Research Sessions
Transcripts or Recordings of Sessions
Data Analysis and Synthesis
Final Report with Insights and Recommendations

We include three remote meetings with the researcher: a kickoff meeting, review and approval of the research plan, and a final readout of the findings and recommendations (within two weeks of report delivery).

30-90 days


5 Participants 10 Participants
Mid-level Researcher
(2-5 years of experience)
$5,400 $7,700
Senor-level Researcher
(5-7 years of experience)
$6,600 $8,900
Principal-level Researcher
(7-10 years of experience)
$7,800 $10,500
Research Consultant
(10+ years of experience)
$9,000 $11,900


The Guild will select a researcher who is a good match for the product you are testing. You can interview and approve the researcher (and review work samples, if available) before the study commences.

To request clarification or ask questions

Call or text the Guild at (415) 640-4564

We can use the research platform or tools you provide or help you select the tools and participant recruitment methods best suited for your study.

The client provides tools, participant recruitment, scheduling, and incentives.
Researchers work, and studies are conducted remotely, in English, during US business hours, with a maximum of five 50-minute sessions per day.
Our standard summary of research findings is a 2-5 page written document, which the researcher can revise at your request for up to two weeks following delivery.
Services must be prepaid.

Service Additions:
For an additional fee, we can augment the usability testing service as follows: (1) conduct research on-site or in person; (2) add participants; (3) recruit, schedule, and compensate participants; (4) provide a research software platform, recruiting or analysis tools; (5) extend research sessions beyond 50 minutes; (6) conduct sessions in a language other than English; (7) add meetings; (8) extend the study beyond 90 days; (9) create a formal slide deck presentation of findings and recommendations.

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