Hire UX Researchers to Conduct Interviews, Usability and
Design Testing, and Product Discovery and Refinement.

The Guild represents freelance UX researchers, consultants, and strategists from the U.S. and Canada, with experience ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Their domain experience includes B2B software and services, financial services, retail and e-commerce, consumer technology and services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and many other industries.

Listed below are a few of many researchers represented by the Guild. If you are interested in one of these featured researchers, request a consultation with them. To request a researcher that meets your specific requirements, call or text (415) 640-4564 or submit a brief form below.


UX Researcher

Oakland, CA

• B2B team
• Tactical, mixed-methods research

• Sales Enablement Platform

Market Research
• Market survey design and analysis
• Projects included social media, gaming, entertainment and hardware

Avail: 10-20 hours/week

Mathew Diep

Mathew Diep


  • M.S. in Applied Psychology from USC
  • 6+ years of experience in UX and Market Research
  • Extensive experience designing and executing moderated and unmoderated usability testing, survey research, research road mapping, and establishing frameworks
  • Proficient in UserTesting, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, SQL, and R
  • Conducted field research and survey research for a wide variety of product types, including: B2B, B2C, mobile apps, SaaS platforms, hardware, physical devices, and omnichannel experiences
  • Utilized surveys, qualitative interviews, card sorting, and usability testing for business users

User Experience Researcher

San Luis Obispo, CA

• Chrome Browser team
• Desktop and mobile

• Movies Anywhere platform team
• Tactical and foundational research

Epic Systems
• Healthcare

Avail: 5-40 hours/week


  • Master’s degree in User Experience Research from Claremont Graduate University (Cognitive Psychology)
  • Brings over 3 years of expertise in UX Research with a proficiency in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies
  • Led evaluative studies for various Chrome Shopping features while at Google
  • Employed a comprehensive, mixed-methods approach at Disney to develop data-driven personas
  • Presented research findings and facilitated interactive workshops across teams at Google and Disney

Senior User Researcher

Los Angeles, CA

Obama Foundation
• Leads cross-functional work-streams
• Delivers data-driven insights to Inform product and service development

• Foundational Research
• Product and Strategic Priorities
• Chrome Mobile iOS and Android

• Developed and Led Product Research Program
• International Field Research

Avail: 5-20 hours/week

Miringu Kiarie

Miringu Kiare


  • MS HCI Indiana University
  • Proficient in usability testing, interviews, surveys, and focus groups
  • Expertise in developing and validating user personas, scenarios, and journey maps
  • Proficient with UserTesting, Dscout, and Qualtrics
  • Knowledge of inclusive design practices and accessibility standards
  • Digital strategist for $17MM International AIDS Prevention Program

Lead Researcher & Product Strategist

Los Angeles, CA

BlackLine (B2B SaaS Fintech)
• Research and Insights Manager at global accounting fintech
• Focus on discovery research and product strategy
• Established cross-functional research & insights organization
• AI and machine-learning

• Software and hardware B2B2C product research
• Led largest collaborative service design project for organization
• Market & UX research
• Research operations specialization

Avail: 5-30 hours/week

Nadia Shamsedin

Nadia Shamsedin


  • MS in HCI & Design from UC Irvine
  • Mixed methods researcher with strong qualitative and quantitative toolset
  • Specializes in discovery research, product strategy, service design and more
  • Extensive experience in survey design and analysis, information architecture research, ethnography, and more
  • Skilled workshop and design sprint planner and facilitator
  • Former board member of Los Angeles UX Research Meetup Group
  • Industry knowledge: fintech, entertainment, healthcare, HIPAA-compliance, hospitality

Senior UX Researcher

Seattle, Washington

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Learning and AI
• Product-market fit and market research for startups

• Hardware
• Process optimization
• Global user research study

• Research to create new product roadmap

• Wearable Tech (smartwatch)
• Multiple patents based on research findings

Avail: 5-30 hours/week


  • Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University
  • 8+ years of research experience; 4 years of experience in UX
  • Specializes in discovery research, new product strategy, and product-market fit
  • Possesses a robust technical and quantitative skill set
  • Proven track record of utilizing behavioral and qualitative methodologies to inform product roadmap

Senior UX Researcher

Lincoln, NE

Jane.com (B2C E-commerce)
• 150,000 daily users
• Comprehensive user research strategy, implementation, & democratization

Weight Watchers
• Health & wellness software with 4.9 million subscribers focused on behaviorally-driven habit formation
• Emphasis on rapid prototype testing

O.C. Tanner (SaaS B2C)
• Employee recognition and appreciation software with 14 million end users

Avail: 5-15 hrs/wk


  • M.A. in Behavioral Economics
  • Uses documented heuristics to uncover behavioral patterns and solutions
  • Specializes in research strategy, frameworks, road mapping, & democratization
  • Web and native benchmark testing
  • Experienced in generative and evaluative testing including: user interviews, moderated & unmoderated usability testing, surveying, preference testing, usage data analysis

The UX Researchers’ Guild has screened and interviewed each of these researchers to determine their expertise and competency. We feature researchers who have strong skills and experience and can run studies from the initial design to completion.

Our Process:

  1. Begin the process by requesting a consultation with a featured researcher or contacting the Guild with your requirements.
  2. A researcher can work under your supervision, or you can outsource your research to the Guild.
  3. Once we know your needs and budget, we will identify researchers who fit your criteria, and propose them to you.
  4. Meet the researcher of your choice via Zoom to confirm their suitability for your needs.
  5. If the match is mutually agreeable, we will make contractual and financial arrangements to begin an engagement.