How To Freelance for UX Researchers

You’ve already done the most important work to become a freelance researcher: developed excellent research skills. Now the Guild can help you understand what freelancing requires, assess your readiness to transition, and take the steps necessary to begin.

How to Freelance is a five-month live zoom course to prepare experienced UX researchers to work freelance. The course is offered by the UX Researchers’ Guild at no charge.

You’re more likely to successfully
transition to freelancing if you join
with others who have the same goal

The How to Freelance program helps you transition to freelance by:

  • Identifying your research and professional strengths.
  • Developing your unique offering and freelancing plan.
  • Establishing the appropriate business entity.
  • Managing income and expense records, tax deposits, and tax returns.
  • Building your network and marketing your services.

The Guild is a community that supports you as you learn, transition, and begin working as a freelance UX Researcher.

“I’m so impressed by the wealth of information that you’re providing. I wanted to confirm — is there a fee for this course?” (No fee!)

How to Freelance Program:

Session 1:

Are You Ready to Freelance?
Conduct a multi-dimensional self-assessment.
Determine your readiness for freelancing.
Decide whether to move ahead with freelancing.

Session 2:

Create Your Unique Freelancing Plan
Consider your education, strengths, research experience, and other experience.
Identify industries, products, research methods and tools with which you’re familiar.
Develop your plan for working freelance (part vs. full-time; hourly vs. fixed bid, etc.)
Special Guest: Martha Malloy

Session 3:

How to Market Your Services
Building your network online with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, etc.
Networking in person through Meetups and UX groups.
Your resume, case studies, website, webinars, mentoring, etc.

Session 4:

Select and Establish Your Legal Entity
Which is right for you: sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation?
Creating legally binding agreements and contracts.
Manage collections and disputes.
Guest: John Thompson, NYC Freelance Lawyer

Session 5:

Manage Your Bidding, Books, Benefits and Business
Bookkeeping: timesheets, invoicing, income and expenses, tax deposits, tax returns.
Benefits: Medical/dental insurance, retirement/investment planning, and time off

“I’m so impressed by the wealth of information that you’re providing. I wanted to confirm — is there a fee for this course?” (No fee!)

Session 5: Manage Your Bidding, Books, Benefits and Business
Tuesday, December 13, 2022 at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET

UX Researchers based in the U.S. or Canada with at least 3 years of work experience are invited to apply.

Group Pages

How to Freelance
– Are You Ready to Freelance?
– Do You Need a Freelance Plan?
– How Do You Find Freelance Clients?
– Select and Establish Your Legal Entity
– Manage Your Bidding, Books, and Benefits
How to Start and Manage Your Freelance Business
What is a Freelance UXR/UX Strategist?
Can Your Employer Stop You From Freelancing?

Leveling Up with UX Strategy
Session 1 – What is UX Strategy?
Session 2 – UX Strategy for Researchers
Session 3 – December 8, 2022

Quantitative UX Research Methods
Session 1 – When to Use Which Quantitative Methods
Session 2 – October 13, 2022
Session 3 – November 10, 2022

Transitioning to Freelance UX Research
Session 1 – Transitioning to Freelance

Freelance UX Researcher, Freelance Mentor